RE: Prince of Nigeria


RE: Prince of Nigeria is hilarious, fun… Set aside an hour or two and prepare to fall in love with the most charming scammer ever.” – Jenni Lada


“Once upon a time, I met a prince… the Prince of Nigeria. Throughout his lovely poetry and wonderful serenades of emails, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Too bad falling in love with a prince isn’t all flowers and bunnies as fairytales claimed – we were playing a dangerous game of passion, wildfire and strife. What awaited us both was a story of heartbreak, of tragedy, of broken romance, and deer droppings…”

RE: Prince of Nigeria is a crack comedy about a girl who falls in love with a prince – or rather, just the perpetrator of a commonly known Nigerian internet scam.


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“The moment I saw his email, my heart felt like it could burst, with the greatest sense of salvation I’ve ever felt… like a roller-coaster slamming itself into a puddle of… salvation gas? I don’t know. I’m not very good with metaphors. “

Her default name is Horai Owen. She likes butter cookies, her ex-boyfriend Zak, and badass steamrollers.

The Prince of Nigeria


A mysterious yet totally unsuspicious person who sent the protagonist a series of emails one fateful day…

The Mother

“Horai? Are you dead or something?”

The mother. Nothing else about her shall be said… Cue ominous music.

Epilogue Characters

Mr. Copern McRooney

“I am not old. I am just middle-aged!”

A publisher for an online comedy website.

Rich Hastley

“Hi. I’m your senior in middle school.”

A senior in middle school. He’s also never gonna give you up.




  • A ridiculous, facepalm-worthy story
  • A hopeless protagonist who is completely delusional
  • 2 Endings – 1 “Good”, and 1 “Bad”
  • 1 CG image per ending, and 1 extra image for the epilogue
  • Bonus Section
  • Image Gallery with bonus images
  • Music Room
  • Bonus Epilogue
  • Author’s Notes
  • Word Count: Around 6,000

(Fanmade trailer)


Current Version: Version 1.0 (Windows, Mac and Linux)


Mirror #1: Google Drive

Mirror #2: Dropbox



Story/Writing by Coren

Character and Endings Art by Chocobikies

Guest Art by LumenAstrum

Sketch, Concept Art by Coren

Stock by DeadEyeStock

Logo by iiStarCandy

Music: Polyhedron, Ayasuna, SaReGaMa, Abstract Hope, hitoshi


  17 Responses to “RE: Prince of Nigeria”

  1. Awesome game! Made me chuckle quite a bit :) Who’s the artist of ‘Prince on the Internet’?

  2. I tried it out. Nice text. I liked it, gave me a chuckle. Thanks.

  3. Nice game, the plot was pretty interesting. Hope there’s a sequel. =P

  4. […] “Once upon a time, I met a prince… the Prince of Nigeria. Throughout his lovely poetry and wonderful serenades of emails, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Too bad falling in love with a prince isn’t all flowers and bunnies as fairytales claimed – [Author's Description] […]

  5. Wow nice game you made there <3.

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say I played it under Gnu/Linux without problems ;).

  7. […] title you might want to try is Prince of Nigeria. Anyone who have email account must be well acquainted with the prince of Nigeria, who is going to […]

  8. […] my trusty friend, if you’re interested, download it here. If you’re not, you better try it at least once. I promise you will crack a smile or two. It […]

  9. I really liked this game, it was very funny. A sequel would very much be appreciated, haha.

  10. sorry, but when i tried to play this game something like /log/ files came and when i read it, it said that the program was error. is there something wrong with the game or is it just me?

  11. […] offers, without judgement, whatever your heart desires. Do you wish to date the Prince of Nigeria*? Re: please check your mail. Engage with a variety of occupational stereotypes as Keiji Inafune’s niece? Sweet Fuse. […]

  12. Very short but hilarious. Thanks!

  13. Just finished it and like it. Wish there was another game to this.

  14. […] Ah the internet. Where would we be without it? Well we wouldn’t have this now would we? RE: Prince of Nigeria is, for the most part, a comedy game where a young, naive girl falls for the oldest scam in the book. Not only does she believe the titular Prince of Nigeria needs her help, she begins to fall in love with him. I can handle this kind of over the top as it just keeps topping off the nonsense with mostly good jokes until the inevitable end. There is also a bit of a twist as it gets closer to the finale, but that I consider to be a take it or leave it proposition. If you have fun with mots of the game, you won’t mind how it all wraps up. I didn’t mind and I had a great deal of fun. Download RE: The Prince of Nigeria here! […]

  15. Dear Soyasushi,
    I’ve been a fan of your works since first playing Frozen Essence back in 2013. Since then I’ve been hooked. Regarding Prince of Nigeria, that was a clever little twist you put near the end and up into the epilogue. Loved the pacing, humor, and the creative setup of the screen for the emails. In one word, elegant. Everyone involved in this did an excellent job. I had one question though, would it be alright to post up a let’s play? I managed a decent recording and planned to release it, but only with you and your team’s express permission. Whether yes or no I will completely understand, being a creator myself. Thank you for sharing this little gem and keep rocking on!

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