Storytelling is, without a doubt, my longest hobby. To be able to share stories with others was essentially the reason why I began making visual novels and RPGs, and open up a whole new world with all those who enjoy it.


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Future Projects Wishlist

(Projects that I really want to work on!)

  • Solace in the Snow Fog: Ten years ago, a rich man was murdered, and his poor mistress – the prime suspect – committed suicide. The tragic case left behind five traumatized children who were related to the case – including the victim’s son, the murderer’s daughter, and the detective’s children – and as they grow up and try to leave the past behind, a series of mysterious murders begin once more… (Sequel to Crimson Rafflesia)
  • Liye’s Massacre Song: 1947, China. Two years after World War II ended. Lin Liye is a young Chinese hostess who has recurrent nightmares of a faceless girl in a Red Cross uniform, and one day finds herself in an abandoned hospital used as a prisoner-of-war camp, forced to face the ghosts of those who have died, as well as the ghost of her own past that she desperately tries to forget.
  • Suwae, To You Who Killed Me: He can’t remember anything before his death, apart from the beautiful face of his brutal murderer. Now, he can have revenge, or the truth, but not both.
  • Aria of an Arsonist: A rich young company director’s office catches fire one day, killing him. Detective Enzo Marshall is assigned to the case, which baffles him as a strange girl who has gone mysteriously missing two weeks before reappears, obviously connected to the case. But she has no motive, or does she? (Sequel to Crystallised Latitude)
  • Sifeng: A girl is left at the altar on her wedding day. She decides to go look for him, if at least just for an answer. In doing so, she chances upon some long-forgotten memories, a series of brutal crimes from years past, all of which explain why things had to happen the way they did. (Sequel to Crystallised Latitude)
  • Cash vs Yandere: You are a normal Economics student at college, wanting to live the high life… with one problem. You have two yandere friends who are in love with you, and now you have to try to survive through college without them killing you. (Sequel to RE: Prince of Nigeria)
  • Fantasy Euthanasia: Reine is an unremarkable high school girl who gets whisked away into a magical fantasy land where everyone needs her help to save the world. It sounds light-hearted and happy… but when you are the world’s saviour, you can get away with anything. And when you are an unremarkable high school girl who hates your own life, surely the temptation of living in a world where everyone loves and admires you is too much to resist?


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